About Our Company

Capstone Engineering is an Ethiopian Construction Company established in 2004 under the name Henok Berehanesellassie B.C class 6 contractors. As a begineer contractor, the company was engaged in small project works less then Birr 200,000 Such as privet owned Villas, Retaining walls, Toilets and Open ditched for different Sub-City Enviroment Development office. In the earlier years of its establishment the company had few machinery and construction tools and pick up to perform its at that level.

Working as a class 6 contractors for about 5 years, the growth in man power both in number and professional, capital and finance enable the company to upgrade to class 5 in 2008. During this period the company mainly engaged works with higher intuition such as Addis Ababa Sub City Housing Development Office, The minister of health, AB construction, Dashen Bank Etc

The increment in the number of construction machinery, Dump trucks, Isuzu, pick up as a wall the financial and man power our company goes from Grade 5 straight to Grade 3 by passing Grade 4.

As a Grade 3 contractor our company performed well in housing projects, mixed use building projects, industrial building & hospital projects which worth more than 26 million ETB. This enables our company to upgrade again to grade 1 with no time.

Building a Better Way 

Capstone Engineering is an Architectural/Engineering/Construction firm in Ethiopia. We have forged our reputation by constantly seeking new construction innovations and technologies that provide our clients with predictable, reliable and collaborative services. Our Financial Strength, Longevity and Stability has positioned us as a recognizable leader in the construction industry.

The satisfaction of our respective clients and the continuous increment of grade of the company is tangible witness for the competency of the company.

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How We Build a Better Way

From our first interaction with clients through project close out, Capstone Engineering way is all about delivering value and eliminating waste during the construction process. It’s discipline that encompasses all of today’s fundamental build qualities. What separates Capstone Engineering from the competition is our ability to effectively align and elevate these practices to meet the specific needs (and wants) of every client. The end result is a project experience that is impossible to duplicate. 


We believe safety is a culture and a commitment. To that end, we live by our “all in” philosophy. “All In” Means making the well-being of all capstone engineering employees and all workers on our job sites a priority for every activity 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Lean is more than just a systematic approach to maximizing quality and minimizing risk. With advancements in technology, the opportunities to drive down costs and help clients make quicker decisions has reached new heights with stronger ROI Capabilities. 

Core Values

Honesty & Integrity

We Embrace the "Light of Day" Test

Respect for People

People matter & We live it

Performance with Absolute Reliability

We Amaze the Customer at Every Opportunity

Long-Term Perspective

We Deliver Today with an Eye on Tomorrow

Nurturing Personal Growth

We Provide Opportunities to Learn, Lead and Have Fun